CALOFIC Corporation (CALOFIC) is a subsidiary of Wilmar International Group, Singapore.

The venture began in 1996, with an investment that started at USD 22 million and has since increased to USD 289 million. CALOFIC is one of the most successful joint venture companies across Vietnam and has spearheaded the manufacturing and processing of vegetable oils in the country. CALOFIC operates over two factories in Quang Ninh and Ho Chi Minh City, capable of an output of 2,300 tons/ day-night, and offices in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Across the nation, almost 1,000 work for the enterprise.

Product quality is the driving force behind CALOFIC, with continual improvements in processing and investments in new technologies. This drive has seen automation introduced into the production process, with high-quality cooking oils now being made for domestic and international markets. Industrial oils, mixed oils, and margarine are being made in-country to replace imports whilst a range of cooking oils can be packaged to different specifications, such as shortening packed in cartons, and margarine made for cooking and baking.

Consumers know and love CALOFIC vegetable oil brands, including Neptune – 10 Points for Quality; Simply – For a Healthy Heart; Meizan – With Meizan, Every Dish Becomes Delicious; Kiddy – Golden Nutrients For Baby’s Brain; Cai Lan – Cook with Cai Lan, Bring Home Fortune.

CALOFIC has worked tirelessly to create products consumers will love, and these efforts have earned plaudits from government agencies, as well as prestigious domestic and international organizations. Awards bestowed on the company include the Labor Order, Third Class awarded by Vietnam’s President, Emulation Flags and Certificates given by the Prime Minister; and Emulation Flags and Certificates awarded by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Recognition from industry bodies includes awards such as Golden Dragon and Vietnam’s Top 10 Food and Beverage Reputation Award along with Top 50 Vietnamese Leading Brands and Top 20 Vietnamese Golden Products among many others.

Along with taking great care to supply sustainable food products through stable supply chains, CALOFIC is proud to nurture social and charitable activities within the organization. Notable projects that have been pioneered include “Free Medical Health Checks”, offering healthy heart check-ups and nutritional advice for millions of Vietnamese people the nation over, as well as the “Cooking Contest – Family Get 10 Points” that offers delicious, healthy, and nutritious recipes to families and education about nutrition to communities.

Education is another area of focus for CALOFIC; understanding the importance of a well-educated workforce, the company organizes academic competitions every year. The “Star Awards” is an English language contest to encourage students to improve their language and other academic skills to prepare them for an international employment market, and “Nutrition Training” is a program for high-school students to arm them with knowledge about nutrition and cooking so they can become healthy and independent adults.