Celebrities talk about Bep Yeu Thuong

Up to now, Bep Yeu Thuong – A reality show sponsored by brand Meizan Premium Cooking Oil on HTV7 channel, has run ¼ of its process. Hosted by MC Thanh Thao and with many famous artists’ companionship, Bep Yeu Thuong orients towards common goal of supporting charity kitchens and highlighting the spirit of "Healthy leaves protect torn ones" in the community. During the journey of Bep Yeu Thuong, the artists have shared a lot of emotions and want the show to further develop and become a bridge for many sponsors to help charity kitchens and difficult situations.

Thanh Thao: Bep Yeu Thuong does not just bring free meals to the poor but also connects the humane hearts of the community for the charity sake. That together we spread the benevolent deeds amongst the community is the message that the program wants to convey to the audience. Participating in the program as a MC, I have had an opportunity to join many charity kitchens at many localities and witnessed the hardship, kind hearts, and especially admired the sacrifice of those who run the kitchens. Although life still has so much adversity, we still can see the insiders donate their own houses to run the kitchen-based activities. I hope that the show will be the bridge of magnitude influence to connect the humanitarians with those in hardship situations.

Kim Xuan: I have been together with Bep Yeu Thuong realty show to the Cancer Hospital,HCM city. Before joining the show, I was psychologically prepared to meet many unfortunate lives, but after having met children patients here, I could not help feeling throbbed, children here were small but had contracted cancer, time to enjoy life could only be counted by days. Not only having difficulty in medical treatment cost, daily meals were also major concerns. Hence, Bep Yeu Thuong has brought meaningful activities to life. I would love to  have more opportunities to accompany the show to help difficult situations.

Diem My: I have participated in Bep Yeu Thuong show to Cho Ray Hospital. Though I have taken part in many charitable activities, Bep Yeu Thuong has given me a completely different experience. Thanks to the show, I had an opportunity to come closer with difficult circumstances and accompanied volunteers to make the effort to bring warm meals for many difficult situations.

Lan Phuong: Before, I also hit on the idea of delivering meals for the poor but didn’t know where to start. Bep Yeu Thuong show is actually a meaningful bridge that help me have a chance to realize my wish. I hope that through the show, there will be more charity kitchens to be set up in the localities. Witnessing the joy of the patients when receiving the charitable portion from the show, I feel very happy when doing something meaningful, to help share part of difficulties of the patients.

Lan Ngoc: I participated in the show to a hospital in An Giang. In fact, before joining in Bep Yeu Thuong, I hardly visualize what I could do. Arriving at the hospital, I promptly associated myself with the cooking activities in the kitchen and delivered portion to each person. By participating in Bep Yeu Thuong, I realize that there are many ways to help unfortunate people not only by giving money but also sharing the feelings.

Bình Minh: I participated in Bep Yeu Thuong in Dong Thap. I directly went to the market to ask for vegetables and share foods with people. There are many unlucky people in life around us. For them, having daily full meals is already happiness. Above all, it is the humanity among people that is most important. .Many people only received enough amounts of rations to spare more for others. Bep Yeu Thuong has helped me realize many good values of life from the most ordinary things around us everyday.

Let’s watch and support Bep Yeu Thuong on Wednesday night once in 2 weeks at 20:30 on HTV7 Channel.

(Source: TGVH-5/2011)


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