Neptune 1:1:1 placed among top 20 Competitive Trademark – Well-known Trademark 2011

On June 12th, 2011, the “Viet Nam Competitive Trademark – Well-known Trademark 2011” Award Ceremony was jointly held by National Office of Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Institute and Hanoi Television. This is a prestige award to recognize individual and businesses’ contribution in the era of integration. Awarded brands were outstanding ones which satisfied fundamental criteria set by the Organization board such as high turnover and profits growth rate, size and capacity to retain their market share, trusted and preferred by the majority consumers, etc.

Being a product of a leading corporation in cooking oil production and agribusiness industry in Vietnam, Neptune 1:1:1, the superior cooking oil brand, is honored to be ranked among Vietnam Top 20 Competitive Trademark – Well-known Trademark 2011. Such excellent achievements were reached thanks to constant efforts of the brand in quality improvement, continual R&D in developing proper products which suit consumer’s tastes and its active donation to charity and social activities throughout the country over the years. These are decisive factors that help Neptune 1:1:1 win consumers’ trust.

“Viet Nam Competitive Trademark – Well-known Trademark 2011” award has further highlighted the reputation of Neptune 1:1:1 in the market and enriched the history of achievements of the brand. It is indeed a significant driving force to strengthen the development of Neptune 1:1:1 towards the trust and preference of the Vietnamese consumers.


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